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CRRC Engines - some info

CRRC Engines are manufactured by CRRC Pro. All engines sold by RCARTF are Genuine UK imports and are fully backed by the UK warranty provided by the importer.

We often are asked a number of questions about these engines so we hope to answer some of them here.

Ignition Systems:
Early ignition systems for the CRRC Pro range were 6v. All current ignition units are 4.8v and should not, under any circumstances be run at 6v. In our experience, early, 6v units, actually run better at 4.8v, providing a better idle and smoother low end running. there would be no damage caused to a 6v unit running at 4.8v.

Pickup sensor:
This sensor is not expected to touch or be in very close proximity to the pickup magnet. a gap of approx 1mm + will still allow the sensor to detect the magnet without issues. Should you remove the sensor for any reason, please add a little light threadlock to the screws holding it in, this prevents the need to overtighten the screws which can damage the mounting lugs of the sensor.

Plug Lead and cap:
Please ensure that the plug lead is not allowed to rub on any sharp surfaces in flight. this can lead to wear on the braiding and the insulator and premature failure. The outer braiding acts as screening, return for the HT (earth if you like) and also protects the inner cable from wear, please look after this vital part of your ignition system. Please ensure that the plug cap is securely located on the plug and has clicked down. Failure to do this can result in an irratic engine run and potential interference problems on ppm radio.

We have yet to encounter a genuine case of interference from these units. Often the ignition / engine is suspected of causing interference because it is a petrol engine. Check you model thoroughly for other sources of interference as well, and, as above, ensure that the plug cap is securely located.

For running in please observe the manufacturers recommended timescales and oil ratios. They are there for a reason and should not be ignored. We recommend high quality oils of the fully synthetic types. Oil should be motorcycle two stroke oil, sometimes labeled as 2st or 2c and is normally readily available at you local petrol station. Fuel recomended is normal unleaded standard fuel. 

The Walborough carb is a precision piece of engineering developed over many years to a very high standard. The unit is a pumped device and therefore there is no need to pressurise the fuel system, indeed it could be dangerous to pressurise the system. There is a small hole on the diaphragm cover plate this is purely there to allow air to escape when the pump operates and does not need to be shielded. The pump operates from crankcase pressure and the tube connecting the carb to the crankcase should be maintained in good condition.
The engines use a very small amount of fuel compared to glow engines of an equivalent size, Due to this the needle / jet can become easily blocked. use a good quality filter in your fuel line, both from the tank and on the filling system. Should you experience issues with your engines performance this is often the best place to look first. Simply remove the needles, noting which one goes where, and choke the engine with a finger over the carb. once fuel has exited the needle holes the needles can be reset back to manufacturers recomended settings.
Mixture control - in our experience the manufacturers settings of the needles seldom need adjustment. Should you decide to adjust your engine and lose your way with the setings, please go back to the manufacturers default settings which are shown in your manual.

Whilst these engines have excellent cooling qualities and run at a cooler temperature than glow engines they do still need access to cooling air. Please ensure that your nstallation has sufficient cooling, the rule of thumb is 4 times outlet to inlet.

Warranty and Service:
CRRC Engines are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from purchase. If you feel your engine is not performing as expected we would be happy to inspect and test it for you. If your engine is in warranty we will assess and test the engine for you. If an issue is found with the engine which is covered under the warranty we will repair / replace the defective part at our cost and return the engine to you at no cost. Should no fault be found or should the issue be due to mis-operation, misunderstanding, or abuse of the engine then there will be a £25.00 charge for the assessment plus parts to restore the unit to full operational status there will not normally be any time charged for this service. Please enclose a cheque for £25.00 for all engine returns, should any work required be chargeable this will only be cashed with your prior agreement. Any balance left over will be returned to yourself in the form of a cheque however we may agree alternative payment methods with yourself. please enquire.

Due to the inability to control the installation of the ignition unit these are not normally covered under the 12 months warranty, however in certain circumstances the ignition unit may be considered for replacement if it has failed within one month or can be shown to have failed early in it's operational life. These units are considered to be service items and may need replacing in the lifetime of the engine, this may occur within the 12 months from sale. All returns for engines are at the customers cost.

With the above said, we currently operate 6 of these engines ourselves and -other than a damged silencer or two (oops) - have never had to replace a single item on them, ignition, sensor or otherwise. Treated correctly these engines are fantastically reliable high performance engines which will give years of reliable service.